Heads Above the Rest Senior Honors Recognition Breakfast

On April 28, 2022, the Columbiana County ESC hosted the annual Heads Above the Rest Senior Recognition Breakfast. Honored at the breakfast were this year's Franklin B. Walter Scholastic Award Nominees, STAR Educators, and Heads Above the Rest Awardees. 

This year's Franklin B. Walter Award Nominees include: John Buffone, Christopher Cannon, Drake Daugherty, Robert C. Harris IV, Emily McNicol, Samuel Murray, Maci Shaffer, Brady Smith, Evan Smith, Emily Walker, and Aaron White.

Pictured below: 2022 Franklin B. Walter Award Nominees 

The 2022 STAR Educators were nominated by the 2021 class of Heads Above the Rest students. Last year's HATR students were asked to nominate an educator who had a profound and positive effect upon their education and future. 

Nominees include: Jordan Burke, Colleen Campbell, Lisa Frederick, Rosalyn Hardgrove, Christina Hovanec, Veronica Kotel, Alyssa Lockhart, Grady Long, John Lukes, Elaine Meals, Charles Miller, Dave Pancurak, Jennifer Sant, Julie Voorhees, and Kathy Vrabel. 

Pictured below: 2022 STAR Educators

Students who scored at least 31 on the ACT (composite) or 1440 on the SAT during their high school career qualified for the Heads Above the Rest Award. 

Awardees include: John Buffone, Nicholas Colbert, Drake Daugherty, Ryan Emch, Colin, Gallagher, Kyle Peters, Evan Smith, Rowan Toalston, Aaron White, Matthew Wollet, Lucas Ziegler, and Ian Zeigler. 

Pictured below: 2022 Heads Above the Rest Awardees